Safe Quick Warm Up Tips

Safe Quick Warm Up Before Class

It is so important to take some time to give your body a proper warm up.

Warming up is vital to dancers as it not only reduces the risk of injury but it increases your heart rate and gets your blood flowing to all your working muscles.

In which this prepares your body for all your classes ahead.

Here are a collection of exercises to get your heart rate up and your muscles active:

  • Roll down the spine
  • Isolation’s – head, shoulders, ribs, pelvis, wrists and ankle rolls
  • Light jog, skip or jump on a spot or around the room
  • Lunges
  • Sit ups or push ups
  • Big arm swings or circles
  • Leg swings either standing or lying down on your back
  • Reaching, bending forwards, backwards and side to side
  • Practice a few balances on one leg with your arms above your head ( otherwise known as mountain or tree pose)
  • Take a few deep slow breathes

It is important to practice your warm up safely!


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