Ten things dance class can enhance!

December Issue 2021

Ten things enrolling in a dance class can enhance that you hadn’t even thought about!  

(and I’m not talking about all the really obvious positives, such as body strength and flexibility, balance, heart health, bone strength, minimised stress, good posture…the list goes on!)

  1. Memory. Just like any skill, memory is improved with practice. Not only do dancers have to remember the order of their steps, in numerous different routines but also their positions, timing with other dancers and direction changes. 
  2. Varied friendships. Unlike academic school, dance classes are often mixed age groups allowing dancers to gain a varied friendship group. This often helps with being objective with peer pressures as there is a range of experiences and opinions to share. 
  3. Layering. Sometimes you’ve got to go from a dance class to a meeting and then on to a dinner party without the ability to go home and change. Growing up doing shows and quick changes teaches you the power of underdressing and maintaining modesty whilst changing at the same time!
  4. Healthier knees and hips. Yes! You’re reading that correctly! Dance is a hobby where you get to be barefoot. Moving barefoot allows for better foot mechanics leading to improved mechanisms within the knees and the hips! 
  5. Ballet class makes you happy. Despite the hard work involved physically in a ballet class, studies have shown that classical music increases dopamine secretion…the happy hormone!  
  6. Getting from A to B faster than google maps. Dancers walk with purpose…we have to or we don’t get to our positions quick enough, and this will be instilled in a dancer for life. 
  7.  Getting from A to B faster than google maps and in heels! Anyone who’s ever worn a character shoe or a LaDuca knows that fast musical theatre combinations require skills wearing two inch heels! Dancers are the most likely to be able to run for the bus on a night out without a twisted ankle!
  8. Reaching that top shelf in the supermarket. Alongside being used to balancing on the demi-pointe dancers have strong cores so mixing balancing and reaching is a piece of cake.
  9. Fall safer. That’s a bit of an oxymoron! As dancers were taught to get on and off of the floor seamlessly and this often is used in the real world if a dancer slips over, a quick contemporary drop and roll is always useful in cold weather with slippery surfaces.

Knowing how to treat a blister quickly! Years of pointe work lead to personal methods of reducing blisters and how to heal them so you can get back on stage asap. This skill gives dancers the abilities to party the night away in a pair of heels without so much as a flinch!


Rosina Andrews

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