Tendu Over Door Flexibility Strap


The ‘over the door’ leg flexibility strap is designed to improve your leg flexibility in Ballet, Gymnastics, Martial Arts and etc…

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General tips:

  • Please check with your dance teacher, doctor, or health professional before stretching if you have an injury or previous injury before commencing exercises.
  • Place the stopper strap over door you will use, with the stopper on the other side of the door. Close the door firmly.
  • Test the apparatus in your door without applying full weight – does your door stays firmly shut when you pull the band? (you may want to lock it)
  • Fell no pain – only stretch to the point of mild tension not to pain. Once your muscle eases, you can stretch a little further.
  • Hold the stretch for 10-30 seconds. Don’t bounce!
  • Pay attention to the posture in the rest of your body.
  • Always progress gradually to stretch further each week – flexibility changes slowly. Stop if painful beyond the normal stretch sensation.
  • Focus on the muscle you are stretching.
  • Breathe normally during each stretch.
  • Practice often.

Tendu will accept no responsibility for injury incurred during or after the use of this product. The uses of these bands are almost limitless, but we aim to show you a few exercise to help with pointe work.

Ask your teacher to watch you doing these exercises so you know if you are doing them correctly. With all these exercises, the only way you will develop strong foot and ankle muscles is by doing these slowly.


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