‘Pirouette Surgery® THE BOOK


Rosina’s first book about the processes of turning and the best ways for young dancers to improve their turns.

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With exclusive anecdotes and opinions from dancers in the Royal Ballet Company and advice from the World Record holder for pirouettes, Sophia Lucia; the book is packed full of great little tips, scientific theories and preparation exercises.

About Rosina Andrews Method

Influenced by her time living in NYC, Rosina’s work is fresh, current and unique. She has an infectious personality which drives and inspires all dancers and creatives that she works with. Rosina’s work exudes originality and is internationally in demand; coaching some of the best dancers in the world.
The #RosinaAndrewsMethod is helping dancers, dance teachers and professionals worldwide advance their technique, clarify mindsets and excel within the industry.
Rosina has two technique publications, Pirouette Surgery® and Leap Surgery® as well as their teachers kits that ship worldwide.
Rosina’s online subscription service Remote offers the chance for dancers to learn wherever and whenever.
Rosina and her team offer masterclasses, private coaching, teachers intensives, summer schools and mentoring and aim to help all dancers.


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