Perfect your Turns with our Tips

Perfect your Turns with our Tips

Turns are a must have in any dancer’s repertoire of skills. There are many different types of turns but these tips and advise will help to build the perfect foundation for your turns.


  • Ensure that your core is engaged to help maintain good alignment. – Not only does your core strength help improve your technique, but it can also help to avoid injuries.
  • Practice balancing in a retire position on flat foot, progress from flat foot to demi pointe. – This will help ensure that your weight is central to the ground and you are not leaning too far backwards or forwards.
  • Align your ribs are over your pelvis and keep this connection throughout the turn.
  • Imagine you are drawing a circle with your knee as you turn.
  • Ensure your arms are held in the correct position. – To help use one our yoga bricks or an exercise ball to activate your back and arm muscles.
  • Practice your spotting technique by focusing on your eyes on one thing and whip your head with precision as you turn. Ensure you do not loose focus.
  • Just before you land your turn, lift up, activating the core muscles for a more graceful landing.

Repetition is crucial at this stage so practice, practice, practice!

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