Improve Strength and Flexibility in Your Feet With These Tips

Improving Your Foot Strength and Flexibility

The first step to improving your feet is to massage away any tightness and then slowly working om the strength and increasing flexibility in your arches.

Here are a few exercises and tips:

  • Massage away all tightness in your feet with our foot roller or massage balls set. Use the spiky massage ball after a dance class to relax your muscles and avoid tension.
  • Use our Tendu exercise ball to work on your intrinsic foot muscles and arch support.
  • Our exercise bands are a great tool for targeting specific muscle groups for strength and flexibility. Practice working on your foot muscles, arch strength and the lateral ankle and foot strength with these bands.
  • Our Inferno Foot Stretchers are also a great way to help lengthen and stretch your feet into the correct pointed position. You’ll notice the difference after just one sitting!

Before you perform any of these exercises please check with your teachers first. Always warm up before and stretch out afterwards. Maintain a proper posture throughout these exercises and try not to hold any extra tension in your body. Don’t over-work your muscles. The only way you will develop strong feet and ankle muscles is by doing these exercises slowly!

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