Demi Pointe Shoes – Why are they so important?

The perfect transition shoe from the traditional ballet flat to the pointe shoe. The demi pointe shoe will help you get the feel of a pointe shoe, the shape and style is very different to that of a flat ballet shoe. The foot is held and more confined, to assist support of the foot en pointe. It is important the demi pointe shoe is fitted just like a pointe shoe to best assist in the transition to pointe work.

The main benefit of a demi pointe shoe is that it works the intrinsic foot muscles, this is through the thickness of the leather sole of the demi pointe shoe. It creates more resistance which makes your students feet work a lot harder, which in turn will build up a lot more strength in the foot and ankle muscles ready for the difficulty of pointe work. Pointe work is a big step in your ballet career, and even if you don’t want to pursue a career in ballet or dance, pointe work is something all dancers would like to achieve.

As some develop at different rate, some will be ready for pointe sooner than others. The demi pointe shoe is a great shoe which looks like the pointe shoe it just has a lack of strength to allow the dancer en pointe.
By working in demi pointe shoes first, it will assist in the fitting of your first pointe shoe, with an understanding of the fit and how it feels. They help better prepare you for the higher demands of pointe work.
We hope this has better helped you to understand why we feel demi pointe shoes are so important in the transition to pointe work.




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