Dance Bag Essentials: Be prepared for every scenario

September Issue 2021

A dancer’s bag is often like the Tardis, it is a survival kit packed to the brim with everything you can imagine that you may need to survive the duration of a long rehearsal day. Here I have complied a list of dance bag essentials that I live by and that have been recommended by my peers you may want to add and pack for your next intensive workshop or masterclass.

Long days in the studio and intense training can take its toll on your muscles so it is important that we care for them. In order to soothe my muscles at the end of a long day, I personally like to use Tiger Balm. This is a balm made of herbal ingredients to relieve pain and tension for aches and muscular pain that I absolutely swear by. Other products can be used too. Dancers I know prefer to use Ibuprofen Gel, deep heat or freeze spray for discomfort or injured areas. Find what works best for you and keep something with you at all times in your dance bag as injuries and aches are inevitable and not entirely avoidable, despite how safe we aim to keep our dance practice.

Furthermore, hair necessities are a given. Dancers Box provides a wide range of hair accessories and essentials such as packs of pins, hair grips, hair nets and hair elastics which can help you look sophisticated, neat, and professional during any class, rehearsal or exam. Check these out on the Dancers Box website.

Another essential item I always carry is not the most obvious. I cannot go anywhere without my adapter cable for my phone. This means that I am able to connect my phone to any other device, more specifically speakers, using a usual headphone jack cable. This is important, in my opinion, as I never know when inspiration may strike, and I may have the opportunity to have a free studio session without access to my MacBook. This means I can still access my music and playlists from my phone in the studio when I feel the urge to choreograph and move. This may not be a requirement for every dancer but it most certainly is for me so this may only be a helpful to a select few of you so if that includes you, you are welcome.

This next item is something I do not currently carry myself however, the majority of my performer friends live by this item. Dancers are prone to injuries as we rely heavily on our bodies on a daily basis to complete our training and achieve our performance goals therefore, we must always be prepared for the inevitable worst. Kinesiology tape is used and recommended by many athletes and is used to support injuries and weaker areas of the body such as muscles and joints that may require extra care. It can be used on various areas of the body including the hip, knee, shoulders, and it replicates the elasticity of the skin so that it can stretch allowing full range of motion during activity. Dancers Box stock this product that comes highly recommended so purchase yours now, it may be the dance college bag essential you are grateful for.

Additionally, we may not always be required onstage during rehearsals and may have time to rest and rehearse ourselves. Sometimes during this time, it can be helpful to soothe your muscles, relaxing and relieving any tension. For this reason, I like to carry my Tendu stretch band and Tendu foot roller, both of which are stocked at Dancers Box. I like to use these during the day and during my lunch breaks to make sure I care for my body during the day and am able to continue dancing and performing at my best throughout each and every session.

Note: I personally use the ‘Super heavy’ stretch band

As I have mentioned in my many of my previous blogs, a dancer’s nutrition and hydration is crucial. You should always make sure you have enough water with you to last the duration of your class timetable or rehearsal schedule as up to 60% of our bodies are made up of water and it has multiple benefits and purposes within the body including transporting nutrients around the body, supporting organs and tissues, and promoting healthy brain function. Also, a snack for in between rehearsals and classes is also helpful. Take a small food item that you enjoy that will give you a burst of energy and won’t be too filling or heavy.

Finally, my last dance bag essential item is my personal favourite. When packing my bag for a day in the studio, whether that be at college or for an intensive, I always make sure I take a spiked ball. We have all had a sudden niggle or tension knot appear during the middle of a long rehearsal day that bothers us and sometimes hinders our movement. Rolling out tension and sore muscles is a great way to care for our body and keep our muscles in top condition. Spiked balls are also helpful when caring for injuries therefore, I always make sure I take mine everywhere I go as I am currently experiencing a long-term injury. Dancers Box stock a tendu massage ball set which will satisfy yourself care needs so don delay, buy yours today.


I hope this blog has been in some way helpful to you and was an enjoyable read.

‘Be brave, be bold, be you’


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